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I guess you’re here because you’re having relationship problems. Or maybe you want to discuss a life issue, such as feeling a lack of purpose? Or perhaps you need help with a work problem, such as dealing with conflict, managing your career, or making more impact? Or maybe you just want to know more about chris hart.

After many years of traditional counselling and coaching, I now work almost exclusively online. You can read about the advantages of meeting me online here, the effectiveness of online sessions here, and the difference between counselling and coaching here.

You’ll find online sessions particularly useful if you want to talk to someone, but you’re travelling a lot. Or you’re planning to relocate soon.

Or maybe you’re on an expat assignment and you’re finding living abroad more challenging than you anticipated. Perhaps feeling unexpectedly depressed, fatigued, anxious or burnt out.

I offer video or audio coaching sessions via Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom and Meet, and am also happy to discuss your issues via email or chat.

There’s also information here on my books, articles and broadcasts, and details of the coaching techniques I use.

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  • Articles are published frequently in the Sunday Nation and the Saturday Standard and elsewhere.
  • Single and Searching – is currently out of print, though it may be available in some bookshops
  • don’t panic! part 1 – all you need to be successful. e-book
  • don’t panic! part 2 – more of what you need. e-book
  • don’t panic! part 3 – yet more of what you need. e-book

A three part series covering all the complicated and messy things that go on in life, especially relationship and career issues.

The books lean heavily on what psychologists have learned about being successful in life over the past hundred years, and on what I’ve learned in my coaching and counselling practice.

The book’s material was originally written for newspaper and magazine articles, TV and radio broadcasts over a number of years and has been extensively rewritten to bring it right up to date.

Part 1 of ‘don’t panic!’ is available here:, or at, or any of their other stores.

Part 2 is available here:, or at, or any of their other stores.

Part 3 is available here:, or at, or any of their other stores.

You can read the books on any Kindle ebook reader, the Kindle Cloud reader, or with the free Kindle App on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

It’s easy to get – just create an account with Amazon, and pay for it using either your Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card.

In Kenya, almost all bank cards can make payments online. At most all you will have to do is to visit your bank and inform them that you want to make online payments with your ATM card or credit card. You actually don’t even need a Kenyan bank account. There are numerous pre-paid debit cards which work just as well, for example, the KCB pre-paid debit card is also available to non customers.